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Jamie McLachlan is the author of The Memory Collector Trilogy. The first novel, Mind of the Phoenix, ranked bestseller in Dark Fantasy. Her debut poetry collection, Night Song, explores themes of darkness, acceptance, and transformation. Her poetry has also been featured in MAW magazine and published in an anthology titled Fireflies & Fairy Dust. In addition to novels, McLachlan writes short stories such as "The Eyes of the Heart," which can be found in the collection Déjà You: Stories of Second Chances.

When not writing, she devours books, daydreams to music, collects crystals, and dabbles in tarot. A lioness of her own family, she lives in Canada with her husband and two sons.

Night Song

Night Song
This poetry collection is for those who find comfort in the night, its song; who look up at the stars and see kindred spirits; who, like the moon, experience the cyclical phases of transformation; and for those not afraid of the midnight hours.
Come into the dark...
Stage Mist

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